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Thanks for visiting my webpage! If you don’t know me yet, I’m Joeri. I am an entrepreneur, currently working as a freelance facilitator and strategy consultant. I’m a naturally curious person. It pushed me to invest in learning new things and improving myself continuously. I use this website to share my perspectives, opinions, experiences and insights into the many topics I have the chance to work on. I also share more about the mental models, tools, frameworks and methodologies I’ve used over the past years.

Besides the industry’s well-kept secrets on strategy and problem-solving, I love to share more about the stuff that passionates me. I have a strong interest in products, entrepreneurship, technology and sports (especially road cycling).

Did you see something interesting and want to chat about it? Keen on sharing your perspectives? Or are you looking to follow what I share as I build my website? You can reach out to me at hey@joeri.vc or connect with me on LinkedIn, X, Instagram or Strava.


I launched Strategic Mind, my own custom GPT to help you with your strategy work.

With the launch of custom GPTs by OpenAI, I decided to train a GPT on my strategy and creative problem-solving approach and methodology, Strategic Mind. Use it to crack any tough challenge you're working on, or to devise a new strategy to seize new opportunities. You can find Strategic Mind here. Don't hesitate to share feedback about your experience!

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