After the dust settles: disruption leads to opportunity

The past years have seen much discussion about how artificial intelligence (AI) will change our world. Some predictions have been optimistic, while others are more pessimistic. I'm an optimist and always looking for new opportunities, even when things seem bad. AI will eventually take us to a better place, even if the journey is full of ups and downs.

For the past 200 years, technology has drastically altered our world. We can look back and see how electricity, for example, changed entire industries. The lamplighter is now a thing of the past. History is full of jobs that were once important but have since become obsolete.

Electricity took a while to be used effectively; the same is true for AI. There are still many unknowns and potential roadblocks, but the potential is there. It will take some trial and error to figure out the best ways to use it, but the long-term benefits could be immense.

Rather than being threatened by AI, we should look for the opportunities it presents. Photographers can save time editing, illustrators can quickly iterate on rough sketches, journalists can save time writing articles, accountants can automate reports and checks, developers can save time writing code, and lawyers can automate repetitive tasks. AI can also help doctors by reducing the need for medical intervention in more minor cases and by leveraging wearables.

The list of potential benefits is long, and many people will resist the changes it brings. In the end, new opportunities will arise, and those who can see and seize these opportunities before the dust settles will be the real winners.Let's use AI to our advantage and create a future where everyone can benefit from its changes.

How I created this article: I first wrote the entire article. Notion AI helped me to complete a couple of paragraphs (which it did very nicely and reflected my tone of voice). When I finished the article, I asked Notion AI to re-write the entire text (I also asked chatGPT but it left out a lot of the nuance and it didn’t feel my writing anymore). It made it considerably shorter. I tend to write too long texts. I then asked Grammarly to look at the result, which made it even better. Finally I asked DALL-E 2 to create an image for me of an entrepreneur that is winning before the dust settles. I then further edited the visual myself to match my visual style. This last paragraph was entirely written by myself and not optimised by AI.