Coaching & mentoring

My coaching and mentoring offer.

You are ambitious and entrepreneurial. You aim for a balanced personal and professional life while getting the most out of your time without living under a crunched agenda. You want to grow as a leader while being conscious about yourself and those around you.

I help ambitious and conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders grow through coaching and mentoring. We will start by looking at your ambitions and the challenges holding you back, allowing us to set up a growth plan alongside an open and engaging support structure.

Reach out to me to set up an introduction call and see the best setup to support your personal and professional growth.

Why not add some activity?

In recent years, mental and physical health has received much attention, not just for blowing off steam but also for getting inspired and building a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle. In addition to the regular coaching and mentoring set-ups, I started to offer specific sessions by combining sports and business (cycling, running, walking or hiking). Currently, I offer these in Belgium and the Netherlands (except for retreats and multiday sessions, which can also take place in other countries).

The activity version of coaching and mentoring be booked as standalone sessions, for weekends, retreats, or as part of a longer-term coaching or mentoring commitment.

Reach out to me for more information.