How can I help you?

Are you looking for coaching or mentoring? I have a separate section about this. You can find it here.

Strategy session.

Do you want to get a quick and hands-on approach to identify new opportunities, solve challenges or move beyond the status quo? Are you looking to solve a specific problem, or are you facing challenging decisions? During a 2 hour session, we discuss, identify, ideate, sketch and define a plan. You get to keep what is yours.

Price for a strategy session: 1,000 EUR/USD/GBP

If you want to book a strategy session, reach out to me at to book a convenient time. I will follow up with the payment instructions.

Sprints & workshops.

Short strategy sessions work really good for getting immediate results. Often you want to dig deeper into a specific challenge, opportunity or topic, such as defining a new strategy, looking for new product opportunities, having your team work better together… Sprints and workshops help to solve (complex) problems or to make decisions. They are outcome-based and offer a structured approach to any challenge or opportunity. These are also an excellent next step following a strategy session.

My expertise.

Over the past years, I have been able to work with a lot of different teams across various projects. This exposed me to a great variety of topics, challenges and opportunities. I also learned much about where I have most of the expertise and where I can add most of the value. That doesn’t stop me from learning new things.

These are some of the fields where I can rely on extensive expertise and experience:

  • Strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation strategy, corporate venturing and venture building
  • Product management
  • Corporate venturing, venture strategy and venture building
  • Launching, growing and scaling your business
  • Leadership and team work
Portrait of Joeri Van Cauteren looking to the camera

Other ways I can support you.

Retreats & offsites.

Sprints and workshops are also valuable as a part of a management retreat or an offsite. This adds a lot of interactivity and engagement with participants. Are you currently organising a retreat for your management team or a strategy offsite with your team? Are you heading off for some fun with your entire team, but you want to make use of the changing scenery and casual setting to have your team think outside of the box on a pic that is important for your organisation? Consider adding facilitated workshop sessions to build on all the benefits of being out of the office.

Reach out to me for an introduction call to discuss the challenges or opportunities you or your organisation are facing. We will come up with a plan to get to success.

Speaking engagements.

Are you organising an event and looking to add an element of engagement to your speaking line-up? Do you want to add an experienced facilitator as a moderator so you can get the most out of your high-potential speaker line-up? You are organising a management session and would like to inspire them around a topic?

Reach out to me to set up some time to discuss your plans and see how we can add an additional spark to your event or session.